This is the personal website of Dr Mathew Ling, a psychology researcher from Victoria, Australia. I am an Associate Lecturer in Psychology at Deakin University, where I have traditionally taught Individual difference psychology and research methods.

I do research in Individual Differences (particularly Need for Cognition) and Health Psychology, and am a founding member of the “Misinformation Lab” at Deakin University’s school of Psychology. I also consult on other research in my capacity as a Data science consultant, Ambassador to the Center for Open Science, and chair of a special interest group in Ecological Momentary Assessment.

Here you will find updates about research I and my colleagues are involved in, blog posts about issues in research, and other miscellanea. It will almost inevitably involve some references to R.

I am active on twitter (@lingtax) and my work can be found on the Open Science Framework (osf.io/rzey4), and github (github.com/Lingtax)